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Networking and Registration

Opening Remarks

Getting In

Moderated by Deirdre Woods

Pam Selle, Yasmine Mustafa, Lauren Schwartz, Tristin Hightower, Patricia Tawadros

WORKSHOP: Get Better at Breaking Things: Test-Driven Development for Skill Building and Fun

Audrey Troutt

How to Adapt, Survive & Thrive in Technology

Lynette Young


Second In Command

Moderated by Kimberly Gress
Karen Cantrell-Borda, Brigitte Daniel, Melissa King

WORKSHOP: Having Fun with Open Data

Dana Bauer

WORKSHOP: Hacking the Gender Gap: A Hands-On Workshop for Boosting Gender Diversity in Tech

Georgia Guthrie, Stephanie Alarcon, Sarah Guck

Building a Tech Company When You’re Not Playing the Tech Role

Joanne Lang

Finding Your Dream Job in Technology

Audrea Parrack

Mentor and Mentored

Moderated by Liz Smith with Amy Larrimore, Colleen Mook, Ellen Weber

WORKSHOP: A Mobile Website is a Waste of Your Time: Get Started with Responsive Web Design

Cat Farman

Giving Back

Tracey Welson-Rossman, Anita Garimella Andrews, Tristin Hightower

FILM: Women in Technology is an OLD idea

Dr. Sue Black

High Tea